June 14, 2023

Skill select is an application for individuals who have an interest in migrating to Australia to live and work professionally. Anyone who wants to do this needs to file an Expression of Interest (EOI). You should also know that EOI is not a visa application but a sign that an applicant wants to apply for an Australian visa. SkillSelect can also be seen as a program established by the Australian Government in collaboration with the state that invites a selected number of skilled individuals to apply for visas to work in Australia. This program has allowed many foreign citizens to pursue their dreams of working in Australia, and it has provided the country with talented professionals in a variety of fields.

Understanding How EOI Works

Submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) is the first step in the process of applying for a visa. In order to be considered, applicants must meet required points in Australia points calculator and achieve a minimum assessment score of 65 points. This points-based system is used to assess applications and determine whether you will be selected from the Expression of Interest pool. You should also know that even if you have received 65 points, you will only receive an invitation to apply for a visa if your Expression of Interest is selected from the pool. Any errors in the assessment score could result in a rejection.

However, you should know that even if you have 65 points, it is not guaranteed that you will receive a visa application invitation. This can happen due to the Australian Government’s decision to limit invitations for the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) and Skilled Regional (provisional) visa (subclass 491) to applicants with skills and work experience in certain health, information technology, and engineering occupations.

The government is attempting to protect the jobs of Australian citizens and permanent residents too. As a result, even if you have the highest ranked points score, you may still have to wait until Australia’s economic situation improves before being considered for a visa application invitation. Here is the brief detail on Points Calculation for skilled migration.

Documents Required For Skill Select

There are certain documents you need to submit in the skill selection procedure. They are:

1. Personal information

This includes your name, date of birth, country of birth, ID, passport, residence details, and relationship status.

2. Employment history

This includes your Work position, employer name, work experience letters and start and end date of the job.

3. Educational certificates

This includes your qualification title, your courses, institution name, the country where your institution is located, and start and end dates of your education.

4. Language proficiency test results

This includes your result in IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL. You should also include the exam date, reference number, and results.

EOI is mandatory for some visa issues. They are:

  • Business Talent Class EA Subclass 132
  • Independent Skilled Class SI Subclass 189
  • Skilled Work Regional Class PS Subclass 491
  • Business Innovation and Investment Class EB
  • Nominated Skilled Class SN Subclass 190

What Happens After Submitting EOI?

If you are an applicant who has been able to rank the highest across a range of occupations then you will get an email to apply for a skilled visa. This step comes after submitting your EOI. You will be selected based on the scores in comparison to the EOIs of other applicants. Sometimes if you have a similar score then your EOI can also be separated based on when your EOI was submitted in comparison to other EOIs.

If you have been invited to apply for an Australian visa, you will have 60 days from the date of the invitation to submit your visa application through SkillSelect. This invitation is only extended to those who have been nominated by their employer. If you submit your application after the 60-day, it will be considered invalid. You should note that employers and territory governments in Australia can view your profile and, based on this information, invite or nominate you for a visa application. If you don’t get nominated for the visa then you can always reapply.

Providing Misleading Information

If you provide false or inaccurate information or documents when applying for a visa, you will be barred from applying for three years and will have a significantly lower chance of obtaining a visa in the future. The Public Interest Criterion (PIC) is enforced by the Department of Home Affairs, which means that a visa application that is based on inaccurate or misleading data will be rejected. As a result, anyone applying for a General Skilled Migration Visa must ensure that the information in their Expression of Interest (EOI) is accurate and can be reliably verified at the time of the invitation to apply.

Making Changes to EOI

You can update your EOI but you cannot make changes once it has been submitted. There are certain situations in which you can update your EOI. They are:

  • If you have a new work experience letter and you want to update your CV or resume.
  • If you have completed your higher education then you can update it.
  • If you have taken the English language test again and scored better then you can make changes.
  • If there are any changes in the family member then you can update your EOI.


Even if skill selection EOI is not a visa application it still plays a major role in determining whether you will be able to migrate to Australia or not. It is very important to fulfill all the criteria and secure higher points. If you are having trouble then we are here to guide you. We at How to Write CDR have been able to fulfill every client’s wish to live and work in Australia. Not just this but we also provide competency demonstration writing services with a summary statement, career episodes, ACS RPL report, and many more. Hire us now and get migrated to Australia!

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