July 21, 2023

All Skilled Engineers need to go through the Engineers Australia Skills Assessment process, and there is no escaping it. In case you don’t know who EA is, EA or Engineers Australia is an authorised organisation that works for the professional advancement of the engineering sector in Australia. Currently, there are over 100,000 working professionals across all engineering fields in Australia. 

Engineers who dream about a future in Australia must prove their competency and qualification through EA’s Skilled Migration Assessment. Thus, in this comprehensive guide, we will discuss from the beginning what exactly is Engineers Australia Skills Assessment? Who can apply to them along with the step-by-step application process. Make sure you follow this article till the end to not miss any important points.

What is Engineers Australia Skills Assessment?

If you asked us, Engineers Australia Skills Assessment means one of the certified staff of Engineering Australia will assess and authenticate your engineering qualification, work experience, and duties, ensuring you have the right skills for Immigration purposes as per the standardised requirement set by the Australian Government. In the skill assessment process, they assess the factors such as education, work experience, English language proficiency, and engineering skills. 

Why is Engineering Australia Skill Assessment Important?

Engineers Australia Skill Assessment is required for the following five reasons, they are:

  • To determine your Engineering Skills for a Skilled Visa
  • To authenticate your claims of being a qualified engineering professional with all the needed skills
  • To determine your language proficiency, education, and in-depth knowledge to handle every challenging engineering task
  • To obtain professional registration or licence as an Engineer in Australia from Engineers Australia
  • Assessing your engineering skills and knowledge will help to advance the country in the future.

Who Needs to Undergo Through Engineer Australia Skill Assessment?

Any engineering professionals whose professions are among the ANZSCO code list can undergo through Engineer Australia Skill Assessment. Here is the list of ANZSCO codes for different engineering professionals published and accepted by Engineers Australia. 

Skilled Engineer ProfessionANZSCO Code
Engineering Manager133211
Chemical Engineer233111
Materials Engineer233112
Civil Engineer233211
Geotechnical Engineer233212
Structural Engineer233214
Transport Engineer233215
Electrical Engineer233311
Electronics Engineer233411
Industrial Engineer233511
Mechanical Engineer233512
Production or Plant Engineer233513
Mining Engineer233611
Petroleum Engineer233612
Aeronautical Engineer233911
Agricultural Engineer233912
Biomedical Engineer233913
Engineering Technologist233914
Environmental Engineer233915
Engineering Professionals (nec)233999
Computer Network and Systems Engineer263111
Telecommunications Engineer263311
Telecommunications Network Engineer263312
Civil Engineering Draftsperson312211
Civil Engineering Technician312212
Electrical Engineering Draftsperson312311
Electrical Engineering Technician312312
Telecommunications Field Engineer313212

Engineers Australia Skill Assessment Pathway to Australia Skilled Migration

Engineers Australia Skill Assessment Process helps in maintaining the integrity of the engineering profession, ensuring only highly skilled and qualified ones are granted Australia Skilled Migration Visas. But how does their process work? Let’s start with the two significant pathways engineers worldwide choose for their skilled immigration to Australia.

Accredited Qualifications

Accredited Qualifications generally refer to the academic qualifications accredited under the international accord agreements. Provisional or state-based accredited courses or programs are not recognized under these accords. There are altogether four types of accreditation accords, they are:

1. Australian Qualifications Accord

Also known as The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), they are responsible to ensure the educational standards and credentials all across Australia. Students who are graduated from Australian engineering programs are ultimately qualified under AQF for Skilled Migration PR. However, you might still be required to submit English Language Proficiency Test results like IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE if you are not a native English speaker. 

2. Washington Accord Qualifications

Washington Accord Qualifications are for individuals who have completed their education under a four-year bachelor’s degree. If you qualify under this accreditation, you can apply for an Australian PR to become a Skilled Engineer in Australia.

3. Dublin Accord Qualifications

Individuals with an educational certificate equivalent to a two-year bachelor’s qualification in any engineering program in Australia are generally recognized under Dublin Accord Qualifications. Other accreditation, such as provisional or state-based, will not be evaluated.

4. Sydney Accord Qualifications

Sydney Accord Qualifications are for a 3-year bachelor’s degree holder in any engineering program under the signatory country list. More eligibility criteria that you need to get accredited by Sydney Accords are:

  • Your academic qualification should be publicly listed and proven by the approved signatory country 
  • Your qualification title must be the same as the title published on the accredited qualifications list by the signatory country. 

Non-Accredited Qualifications

If you did not find your engineering qualification in any of the accords above, don’t worry, as you still have an option of Non-accredited qualifications. Engineers without accredited qualifications must go through the EA Skills Assessment for Skilled Migration to Australia

A Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) will be needed to prove your technical engineering capabilities and skills following the nominated occupation, graduate competencies, and the ANZSCO instructions. Considering you are preparing a CDR report for Skilled Migration Assessment for Australia, follow these instructions carefully:

  • Personal Information and relevant evidence as per EA’s requirement
  • Check and select a preferred occupation that matches your education and work experience 
  • Academic Transcripts and Evidence of work
  • Three Career Episodes 
  • A Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
  • Summary Statement 

Engineers Australia Skills Assessment Requirements

For Accredited Qualifications

  • Recently clicked colour photograph (35mm x 45mm)
  • Passport
  • Academic records 
  • Certificates and awards
  • Updated CV/Resume
  • Name change evidence (if applicable)
  • English Language Proficiency Test Result from a recognized authority

For Non-Accredited Qualifications

  • Recently clicked colour photograph (35mm x 45mm)
  • Passport
  • Academic records 
  • Certificates and awards
  • Updated CV/Resume
  • Name change evidence (if applicable)
  • English Language Proficiency Test Result from a recognized authority

Employment documents for the Non-Accredited Qualifications include:

Skills Assessment Process For Engineers Australia

The assessment process for Engineers Australia typically involves the following steps:

Document Review

Applicants must submit a comprehensive application including their educational qualifications, employment history, and professional development activities. They also need to provide evidence of their English language proficiency.

CDR (Competency Demonstration Report)

Engineers Australia requires engineers to submit a Competency Demonstration Report that showcases their engineering skills and experience. The CDR includes:

  • A Career Episodes section where applicants describe their engineering projects.
  • A Summary Statement that links their engineering experiences to the relevant competencies.
  • Supporting documents such as academic transcripts and reference letters.

Engineering Knowledge Assessment (if required)

Depending on the applicant’s educational qualifications, work experience, and the specific engineering occupation they are applying for, Engineers Australia may request a further assessment through a written or oral examination to evaluate the applicant’s engineering knowledge.

Assessment Outcome

Engineers Australia will review the submitted documents, assess the engineering qualifications and experience, and provide an assessment outcome. The outcome will determine whether the applicant’s skills and qualifications are suitable for migrating to Australia.

Is Engineering Australia’s Skills Assessment Process Complicated?

Believe it or not, Application process for Engineers Australia Skills Assessment is complicated for most of the applicants. EA’s evaluations are based on complex criteria that most individuals feel not to disclose openly. However, it is necessary to make it complex so that they can filter out the best and most talented applicants out of the thousands of engineers worldwide.

Following are the three main ways how Engineers Australia’s application process works:

  • Your Knowledge: EA’s first evaluation works by evaluating how knowledgeable and smart you are in your field.
  • Engineering Ability: This evaluates your proficiency in your field of expertise and your problem-solving ability under the dire situation of your occupational category.  
  • Evaluation of Professional attributes: EA evaluates your application evaluating your professional attributes such as leadership, ethics, problem-solving, team player, and mathematical & analytical skill with logical thinking. 

How Long Do Engineers Australia Skills Assessments Take?

Following the estimated time published by Engineers Australia, the standard Migration Skill Assessment application generally takes about 12-15 weeks after being assigned to an authorised assessor. However, if the application volume is incredibly high, the processing time will be about 4 to 7 months. 

See the table below to understand your application’s processing time for the Engineers Australia Skills Assessment:

Assessment TypeStandard Processing Time (Est.)Fast Track Processing Time (Est.)
Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)12 Weeks20 Working Days
Accredited Australian Qualifications8 Weeks18 Working Days
Washington Accord Qualifications8 Weeks18 Working Days
Sydney Accord Qualifications8 Weeks18 Working Days
Dublin Accord Qualifications8 Weeks18 Working Days

EA Skills Assessment Fee Structure

Engineers Australia has published Migrational Skills Assessment Fees depending upon the applicants and applications. See the below table:

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) Assessment Fees

Assessment TypeFee (without GST) AUD$Fee ( with GST) AUD$
Standard CDR Report 810.00891.00
CDR+ Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment1,178.001,295.80
CDR + Overseas Ph.D. Assessment1,040.001,144.00
CDR + Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment + Overseas Ph.D. Assessment1,408.001,548.80

Australian Accredited Engineering Qualification Assessment Fees

Assessment TypeFee (without GST) AUD$Fee ( with GST) AUD$
Australian Engineering Qualification Assessment270.00297.00
Australian Engineering Qualification Assessment + Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment638.00701.80
Australian Engineering Qualification Assessment + Overseas Ph.D. Assessment500.00550.00
Australian Engineering Qualification Assessment + Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment + Overseas Ph.D. Assessment868.00954.80

International Accords Qualification Assessment Fees

Assessment TypeFee (without GST) AUD$Fee ( with GST) AUD$
Washington/Sydney/Dublin Accord Qualification Assessment437.00480.70
Washington/Sydney/Dublin Accord Qualification Assessment + Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment805.00885.50
Washington/Sydney/Dublin Accord Qualification Assessment + Overseas Ph.D Assessment667.00733.70
Washington/Sydney/Dublin Accord Qualification Assessment + Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment + Overseas Ph.D. Assessment1,035.001,138.50

Additional Assessment Services Fees

Assessment TypeFee (without GST) AUD$Fee ( with GST) AUD$
Separate Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment418.00459.80
Separate Overseas Ph.D. Assessment280.00308.00
Separate Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment + Overseas Ph.D. Assessment648.00712.80

Administrative Fees 

Assessment TypeFee (without GST) AUD$Fee ( with GST) AUD$
Review Fee290.91320.00
Appeal Fee550.91606.00
Standard Administration Fee110.00121.00
Fast Track Fee (Additional)310.91342.00

Why Trust How To Write CDR for Successful Engineers Australia Applications?

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What is CDR Skill Assessment?

CDR skill assessment is an evaluation procedure conducted by Engineers Australia. It demonstrates your engineering knowledge, skills, and competencies for the successful migration to Australia.

How Long is Skill Assessment Valid for Engineers Australia?

Three years from the date of issuance. Engineers Australia issues a three-year validity period Skill Assessment for all successful engineering applicants. You can check your validity period or Visa application at the Department of Home Affairs.

How To Do Skill Assessment for Engineers Australia?

To do a skill assessment for Engineers Australia, you need to:

  • Check and gather evidence of your qualification
  • Follow the Engineers Australia Skills Assessment guidelines while preparing the CDR report
  • Choose an authorise assessment pathway
  • Prepare & Submit your assessment application

How To Renew Skill Assessment Engineers Australia?

After your skill assessment letter has expired, it cannot be renewed. The only way is to submit a new skills assessment application and pay the full fee.

How To Prepare For Skill Assessment For Engineers Australia?

Preparing for Skill Assessment for Engineers Australia requires a lot of planning and attention to detail. Some steps that help you to prepare for Skill Assessments are:

  • Understanding the Requirements in the Engineers Australia Skills Assessment Booklet relevant to your occupation.
  • Gathering documentation that supports your skill assessment application
  • Ensuring your eligibility criteria match your preferred occupation
  • Creating a detailed and accurate Resume based on your background
  • English Language Proficiency Test from a recognized test centre
  • Proper revision and review of CDR Report, career episodes, and summary statement.

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