CDR Review Service: Get Your CDR Ready for Submission

Preparing for a thrilling journey to Australia as a professional engineer with a skilled visa can be both exciting and overwhelming. After all, your skilled visa requires a perfect assessment of  your CDR report.

Numerous engineering graduates who self-prepare their own CDR report second guess its standard and are often confused and doubtful when submitting it. They often contemplate “Should I hire an expert to review my CDR?”. That is when our CDR Reviewing Service is needed. We are the professionals for CDR Review. We ensure that all of the requirements are met and the report is of high quality before it is submitted for assessment.

Why Do You Need A CDR Review Service?

You need a CDR Review Service to ensure your CDR report contains all the necessary and relevant information of your engineering background while meeting all the requirements set by EA in order to avoid rejection. In most CDR Rejection cases, applicants who lack good writing and proofreading procedures miss essential small details in their CDR report. No Proper proofreading, review, and fact check significantly increase the risk of getting a rejection. Having an expert look at your CDR report will help you pinpoint those risky and missed details, saving your CDR from immediate rejection and possible ban for an entire year.

Remember that your CDR report requires a detailed explanation regarding your engineering qualification. So, if you do not have a thorough knowledge of the rules and a proper understanding of the Engineers Australia Skill Assessment requirements, even the slightest error leads to negative skills assessment. Therefore, reaching out for a professional CDR reviewing service is always advised. Let us handle your CDR report’s proofreading, fact-checking, and analysis.

CDR Review Service From How To Write CDR

As previously mentioned, ensuring that your document is well-written, and it follows the guidelines and format of Engineers Australia is essential for a successful Skill Assessment. How to Write CDR helps to identify mistakes, correct errors, and thoroughly analyse every tiny detail to be sure that all three career episodes, CPD, and Summary Statements correlate with one another with only relevant information. After that, we provide proper feedback regarding necessary improvements in your CDR at the most affordable price.

Reasons to Choose CDR Review Service From How To Write CDR

How To Write CDR takes pride in providing premium CDR Australia migration review service to help aspiring engineers migrate to Australia.

Choosing us as your trusted CDR Reviewing Services provider, we can assure you to the followings:

1. Professional Approach from Experts:

We have a team of professional CDR experts who understand and strictly adhere to details while reviewing the CDR report. We help you avoid & correct mistakes and issues that could potentially impact or delay your migration process. Our experts will be in contact with you throughout the review process, to discuss changes, for improvements, and properly demonstrate your engineering proficiencies adhering to EA’s guidelines.

2. Best Review & Feedback Service:

Through a professional approach, we make sure to provide premium CDR review service to engineers seeking skilled migration through CDR. How to Write CDR ensures your CDR report follows the quality check with highest standards of accuracy.

3. On-Time Delivery:

Our team reviews CDR in two to three days. As we understand how important it is to submit a CDR report on time, we commit to on-time delivery with our CDR review services that help you meet your deadlines.

4. Service Satisfaction:

How to Write CDR is known for our work with 100% Client Satisfaction. Our team will continuously be in touch with you throughout your CDR review process, taking your suggestions and requirements into consideration until you are satisfied with how your CDR report turns out.

Benefits of Choosing How to Write CDR for CDR Reviewing Services

Writing a CDR report all by yourself is indeed an excellent decision, but it also comes with a lot of risks of getting a rejection. When you do not have a thorough knowledge and proper understanding of the requirements set by Engineers Australia, automatically, the chances of missing important information, plagiarism, and errors are increased. That’s why choosing an expert for CDR reviewing service is required to assist you in checking requirements, your engineering information, three career episodes, and formatting before submitting your CDR Report for the Migration Skills Assessment.

Choosing the best CDR Australia review service gives you a lot of benefits that include:

Greater Chances of Success

Choosing a Better CDR review service increases your chances of getting approval from Engineers Australia. The professional can help you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls, ensuring everything is included in your CDR report for the successful Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment.


Reaching out to professional CDR review service providers gives you proper feedback and step-by-step guidance highlighting areas that need improvement, ultimately saving you valuable time.

Quality Assurance

A CDR review service ensures that your CDR report includes and meets the highest standards of quality and accuracy. This helps you avoid delays in your migration process, correcting mistakes or omissions.

Some Common Mistakes In CDR Preparation

While self-writing your CDR report, you need a sea of information on guidelines, and important things that you need to consider carefully. Even a slightest mistake could cost you your dream of migrating to Australia as an Engineer. Therefore, after completing your writing, reaching out to a professional CDR review service provider for thorough inspection is advised.

Here are some common mistakes we find during a CDR Review:

  • Copying from already published online sources
  • Weak execution or less compelling Career Episodes
  • Skipping information that carries more importance
  • Grammatical, spelling errors and improper CDR report format
  • Dividing one project into two career episodes
  • Improper total number of words
  • Mentioning team contributions
  • Use of excessive technical details
  • Lack of problem statement
  • Unclear career goals
  • CDR in different languages

Our CDR Review Process: How WE Identify Errors In CDR Documents?

We have reviewed over 140 CDR reports for our clients so far. We acknowledge and understand that every CDR is different, and so is their review. Thus, here is a general overview of how our CDR Review Process works for identifying and fixing issues.

1. Document Analysis

Beginning with a thorough document analysis of your CDR, we start by carefully understanding the requirements and identifying improvement areas. This analysis includes examining the Three Career Episodes, Summary Statement, and Continuing Professional Development (CPD). How To Write CDR checks whether all the requirements have been met and the CDR report follows the right guidelines set by Engineers Australia.

2. Competency Assessment

Our next step includes checking the Competency Assessment by evaluating the skills mentioned in the Candidate’s CDR report. We check whether relevant information, skills and competencies have been clearly included.

3. Plagiarism Check

To ensure the originality of your CDR report, our experts use globally trusted plagiarism detection software. Before submitting your CDR report, we check for any copied or plagiarised content ensuring your CDR report is free from copied content.

4. Grammar Check

A CDR report free from grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and typos, is a basic requirement for Engineers Australia assessors. Hence, our professional team carefully conducts in-depth checking for any language-related issues.

5. Review and Feedback

Our team gives you detailed feedback on your CDR report, indicating the key areas that require revision to meet the guidelines and standards of EA. Be assured of the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

6. Proofreading and Editing

After reviewing your CDR, we can edit it accordingly. Our experts will provide you with the best in the market proofreading and editing services, ensuring your CDR shines with precision and clarity.

Contact us today for a free consultation, and let us guide you through crafting a compelling CDR
report that best showcases your skills and secures your pathway to engineering in Australia as an engineer.

Fixing Issues we find Through our CDR Review Service

In our CDR report review service, we take the following steps to guarantee the accuracy and compliance of your report with the EA’s guidelines:

  • After finding mistakes and improvement areas in the CDR document, we work to fix them
  • We interconnect the summary statements with related sections in the three career episodes in case you missed it
  • After evaluating the skills mentioned, we correct them where necessary based on Migration Skill Assessment Booklet and guidelines
  • Any plagiarism found through our detection software will be thoroughly handled
  • We make necessary corrections to increase grammar and language-related clarity to improve readability
  • We verify word limits to maintain conciseness
  • Cross-checking personal information
  • Recheck and Reviewing Technical Details
  • We also take feedback from you for correcting any lingering errors in the CDR report

Get The Help Of Native Engineers With 10+ Years Of CDR Experience

For a detailed CDR Report Review, our professional CDR experts with over 10+ years of experience are all you need. With our premium CDR review service and premium tools, you can be confident in showing off your skills in an improved formal tone at the most affordable price. Get closer to fulfilling your dream of engineering in Australia.

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How long does a CDR review take?

On an average, a CDR report reviewed by EA assessors has a turnaround time of about 4 (least) to 12 (Max) weeks. Individuals receive a notification in their email with a message that their assessment has been completed.

How to Write CDR has successfully reviewed over 140 CDR reports as of now. Here is how we help you review your CDR reports:

  • Thoroughly reviewing your CDR report to check for technical errors
  • Detecting plagiarised content and removing them from the CDR
  • Conducting CDR proofreading and editing. We ensure your CDR is of top quality without grammatical or spelling mistakes with a formal tone.

A Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) rejection means that a candidate’s application for Skilled migration as an engineer to Australia is not approved. Here are the things that happens when in your CDR is rejected:

  • You get a formal Notification of Rejection by EA in your email with reasons for rejection.
  • You will have an option to Review and Appeal for reevaluation addressing the issues mentioned.

Or, you can apply for the Resubmission and Reassessment of CDR after making the changes and improvements.