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What is CDR Engineers Australia?

CDR engineers Australia

Before beginning with how to write a CDR report, let's talk about what CDR for Engineers Australia is. CDR stands for Competency Demonstration Report. It is a document that shows your knowledge and skills as an engineer, and it is used to get a skilled migration visa for Australia. Engineers Australia typically demands you to create your own CDR in order to demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively with the Assessor. This professional documentation provides accurate information about an individual's abilities and competence as they have developed.

Engineers Australia verifies and evaluates the CDR Report extensively. Engineers Australia is the assessing body of the Engineers who want to get them registered in Australia. Engineers Australia also known as The Institution of Engineers Australia, IEAust or EA. Engineering Australia is a professional body and non-profit organization dedicated to serving as Australia's national platform for the development of the engineering discipline, and it is a signatory to the Washington Accord.

Why is CDR needed?

A CDR report is used to determine whether your skill level satisfies the Australian requirement. A CDR is essential in order to obtain a skilled migration visa, which is Australian PR. A good CDR must gain a positive evaluation from EA and earn 15 points to be eligible for an Australian visa. Your technical abilities, experience, competency, and language abilities are all evaluated by the EA evaluator. This means that if you are an engineer from any country and want to migrate to Australia, you must apply through the CDR Engineers Australia process.

CDR engineers Australia
CDR engineer Australia

Who needs to prepare a CDR Engineers Australia?

Engineers who seek to immigrate to Australia must do so through one of the EA's four occupational categories for Skilled Migration. Each occupational group has its own set of specifications. If you fall into any of these categories, you are eligible to work in Australia.

  1. Professional Engineers
  2. Engineering Technologist
  3. Engineering Associate
  4. Engineering manager

Universities whose courses are accredited by Dublin Accord, Sydney Accord, Washington Accord, Applicants from Australia are eligible for MSA (Migration Skills Assessment). They do not have to submit a CDR for Engineers Australia.

How to write a CDR on your own?

To write your own CDR is a tough job. The smart choice is to leave this process to an expert. But, if you want to write your own CDR, then here are some points and formats you should follow.

Understand the basic requirements: Familiarize yourself with the integrities outlined in the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) Booklet. The booklet is updated anytime the EA adds or changes the information. It is critical to comprehend these requirements.

Be specific on what you are applying for: Determine the engineering position for which you are applying. You'll be able to write the text accordingly this way. For example, if you believe you are qualified for an Engineering Associate position, go over the major strengths necessary and concentrate on conveying important information.

CDR for Engineers Australia

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Engineers Australia CDR

Things to include in your CDR for engineers Australia

The initial set of requirements for Australian skills evaluation via the CDR pathway is based on education, personal identity, and employment information. There are other documents that you need but those will be discussed at later section. All of the following are really important. Missing any one of those document can lead to your CDR getting rejected. The main ingredients of how to write a CDR report comprise five documents in total.

  1. Three Career Episodes
  2. One Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  3. One Summary Statement

Career Episodes

Career Episode exhibits your engineering aptitude, knowledge, and competence. The three career episodes we prepare will include 3 project cases and elements of your engineering careers. The engineering projects can be from your:

  1. Academics
  2. From your work experience
  3. Internship
  4. Workshop attended

Engineers Australia recommends you to write your career episode in the following format:

  1. The introduction, which should be roughly 100 words long. It should include the project's dates and duration, the place where it occurred, the name of the organization, and your role within it.
  2. The Background portion takes 200-500 words. It is the section in which you discuss the context of what you were working on.
  3. In the Personal Engineering Activity section, you have to describe the actual work you did as an Engineer in about 500 to 1000 words. Make sure you mention all the difficulties you encountered and how you overcame them.
  4. Finally, compose a summary for your Career Episode that emphasizes all the engineering-related skills you displayed in that narrative.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD is maintaining your existing knowledge and abilities. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) should be written in a table format, and it should include the following information:

  1. Formal post-graduate education.
  2. Conference participation or paper presentation
  3. There will be short courses, workshops, seminars, discussion groups, technical inspections, and technical meetings.
  4. Course, conference, seminar, and symposia material preparation and presentation
  5. Books, journals, manuals, and other publications are examples of engineering service (voluntary labor, board or committee volunteering, mentorship, and so on).

Summary Statement

Professional Engineers Australia's Summary Statement is simply one page long. It is based on the three careers that you have submitted to Engineers Australia. Summary statements incorporate competency components that you have claimed and show how and where you are employed and achieved those elements throughout your professional episodes. The Summary statement is built using information from your school and workplace.
This section requires you to evaluate whether you have shown all the competency components for the selected occupational category, as shown by the ANZSCO code. You must include cross-references to the paragraphs you wrote for each career episode in the summary statement. We must combine all three summary statements into one when submitting it to Engineers Australia.
We should format it in a tabular manner, as described by Engineers Australia, and include a list of all competency units and elements, as well as a description of how you use them and a link to the relevant paragraph in the career episode. When drafting the Summary Statement, take care to include all relevant skills and expertise and to link them to the paragraphs in the Career Episodes.

Things to consider while writing a CDR yourself

  1. Follow all the guidelines provided by Engineers Australia. Keep only the details asked by EA. For example, include what you did in the project and not everything the group did.
  2. Write Career Episode in first person perspective.
  3. Select the relevant category in Career Episode.
  4. Use Australian English.
  5. Your content should be original. If plagiarism is found then you can be banned from 12 to 36 months.
  6. Do not fake your document. Prepare evidence and documentation to back up every claim you achieved.
  7. Your summary statement should connect the elements to the appropriate paragraphs in the career episodes.
CDR for engineers Australia

What are the documents you need to submit with the CDR Report?

Now, going into the final phase of learning how to write a CDR for Engineers Australia. We will discuss the documents that must be included and provided to Engineers Australia.

  1. The necessary identifying documents, such as a recent passport (page including photo and name).
  2. Copy of your CV or resume, both original and scanned.
  3. Collection of all official academic degree certificates.
  4. English language test score sheet (IELTS, TOEFL, PEARSON PTE).
  5. Original scans of any confirmation, promotion, or experience letters from your prior organizations' supervisors/managers.
  6. Documentation for name changes (if applicable).
  7. Certificate of Professional Registration (if applicable).
  8. Scanned copies of your pay slips, bank accounts, and tax returns to support your salary claims.
  9. Where applicable, official English language translations of the aforementioned papers.
Documents for CDR Engineers Australia

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Depending on the category, the cost will vary. Below is the table of fees from the official website of Engineering Australia updated as of April 2022.

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) Assessment Fees

MSA Fees 2021-2022 Fee Excl. GST (AUD) Fee Incl. GST (AUD)
Standard Competency Demonstration Report 810 891
Competency Demonstration Report + Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment (+$368 Excl. GST) 1,178 1,295
Competency Demonstration Report + Overseas PhD Assessment (+$230 Excl. GST) 1,040 1,144
Competency Demonstration Report + Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment (+$368 Excl. GST) + Overseas PhD Assessment (+$230 Excl. GST) 1,408 1,548

Australian Accredited Engineering Qualification Assessment Fees

MSA Fees 2021-2022 Fee Excl. GST (AUD) Fee Incl. GST (AUD)
Australian Engineering Qualification Assessment 270.00 297.00
Australian Engineering Qualification Assessment + Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment (+$368 Excl. GST) 638.00 701.80
Australian Engineering Qualification Assessment + Overseas PhD Assessment (+$230 Excl. GST) 500.00 550.00
Australian Engineering Qualification Assessment + Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment (+$368 Excl. GST) + Overseas PhD Assessment (+$230 Excl. GST) 868.00 954.80

International Accords Qualification Assessment Fees

MSA Fees 2021-2022 Fee Excl. GST (AUD) Fee Incl. GST (AUD)
Australian Engineering Qualification Assessment 270.00 297.00
Australian Engineering Qualification Assessment + Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment (+$368 Excl. GST) 638.00 701.80
Australian Engineering Qualification Assessment + Overseas PhD Assessment (+$230 Excl. GST) 500.00 550.00
Australian Engineering Qualification Assessment + Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment (+$368 Excl. GST) + Overseas PhD Assessment (+$230 Excl. GST) 868.00 954.80

Additional Assessment Services Fees

MSA Fees 2021-2022 Fee Excl. GST (AUD) Fee Incl. GST (AUD)
Separate Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment 418 459
Separate Overseas PhD Assessment 280 308
Separate Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment + Overseas PhD Assessment 648 712
Competency Demonstration Report + Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment (+$368 Excl. GST) + Overseas PhD Assessment (+$230 Excl. GST) 1,408 1,548

Administrative Fees

MSA Fees 2021-2022 Fee Excl. GST (AUD) Fee Incl. GST (AUD)
Review Fee 290.9 320.0
Appeal Fee 550.9 606.0
Standard Administration Fee 110.0 121.0
Fast Track Fee 310.9 342.0


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CDR Engineers Australia

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CDR report Engineers Australia

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how to write CDR Report

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Frequently Asked Questions

The competency demonstration report (CDR) pathway is an important document that includes information about the engineer's competency level. The CDR for Engineers Australia is a technical document that allows overseas engineers willing to migrate to Australia through the Skilled Migration program.

It is a document that is required to check if your skills meet the standard that the authorities set to work in relevant occupation. Engineers Australia will try to recruit a candidate from overseas for the job. They are always looking for a talented person for the position. The Engineers of Australia find a candidate who is skilled in their engineering discipline. 

Plagiarism, not following EA guidelines, using other languages are some of the reasons for cdr rejection. If rejected, you will not be able to process for 12 months. There is the option to appeal for an informal evaluation of your application.

Engineers Australia Assessments are typically handled through the Normal Migration Skill Assessment process. Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) applications take 4–7 months to process, which is a lengthy period.

  • Non-accredited qualifications: It will take 13 weeks before they assign a case officer to your application.
  • Accredited Australian and Accord qualifications: 8 weeks before they assign a case officer to your application.

Yes, you can. Fast Track Migration Skills Assessment is a more convenient and speedier approach. You can expedite the processing of your application by assigning it to an assessor and having it completed within 20 working days. The Fast Track cost would be $330.00, including GST (AUD).

  • Non-accredited qualifications: It will take 9 weeks before they assign your application to a case officer.
  • Accredited Australian and Accord qualifications: 7 weeks before they assign a case officer to your application.

The outcome you would want is a positive outcome, in other words your CDR getting accepted. You can then receive 15 PR points.
The other outcome is getting a negative outcome. Report rejection can lead to you getting banned from submitting another CDR. Depending on the banned report rejection, the penalty can last from 12 to 36 months.

You are allowed to apply for various jobs in Australia. You can also receive 15 PR points and offshore education accreditation in Australia.

If you receive a Request for Further Information, you will have one month to resolve the deficiencies. After one month, the request will expire and your application will be returned to the assessor, which means no additional documents can be provided. Documents have been required in some situations within a week. As a result, deadlines for papers may differ. If you do not provide the needed information within the stipulated time range, your application may be marked as unsuccessful.

No! You cannot. Your CDR for engineers Australia must be unique and plagiarism free. If plagiarism is found on your report then you can be banned for 12 to 36 months.

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