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How to Write CDR is a team of dedicated engineers who provide exceptional report writing services including CDR writing services for any engineering discipline and RPL report writing for ICT professionals seeking to migrate to Australia with 99% acceptance ratio. Our experts have in-depth knowledge and years of experience writing CDR reports following EA’s implemented guidelines and criteria for overseas engineers.

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CDR Report Writing Services

We provide the Best CDR Report Writing Services to our customers for Engineers Australia, including all the necessary components like Career Episodes, Summary Statements, and Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Our expert CDR report writers in Australia, who themselves have been practising engineering for several years will craft your CDR to showcase your engineering competencies to approve your Skilled Migration Application to Australia successfully.

Career Episode Writing

How to Write CDR Australia offers Career Episode Writing Services, which are required to showcase your engineering skills and experience according to the competency standards implemented by Engineers Australia. Our team will craft your Career Episodes for Engineers Australia in a professional and engaging manner that represents your projects, achievements, and problem-solving abilities most straightforwardly and efficiently.

KA02 Report Writing

KA02 Report Writing Services are for engineers applying for skills assessment from Engineering New Zealand. As such, How to Write CDR Australia is also qualified to write fantastic KA02 reports that showcase our customer’s engineering competencies aligning with the assessment criteria of Engineering New Zealand to increase your chances of successful skilled migration to New Zealand.

CDR Review

How to Write CDR offers complete CDR Reviewing Services that enhance your CDR report’s overall quality and impact. Our CDR Engineers Australia writers thoroughly look into your CDR report to identify and point out any issues that might impact the outcome of your Skilled Migration to Australia.

Summary Statement Writing

CDR Engineers Australia Report Writers at How to Write CDR provides a comprehensive Summary Statement Writing Service to highlight skills and competencies in your CDR Summary Statement. It aligns with the specific engineering discipline you are intended to apply for and provides an overall summary of your Career Episodes. It is a crucial part of the report that demonstrates your suitability for your desired role.

Stage 2 CDR Report Writing

How to Write CDR offers Stage 2 CDR Report Writing Service, The second stage of CDR Report Writing for those who want to become chartered engineers in Australia. It is prepared to demonstrate the candidate’s advanced engineering competencies and leadership capabilities. Our writers will closely look into your engineering background, projects you did, and companies where you worked to prepare your report compellingly.

RPL Report Writing

Our Skilled writers offer the Best RPL Report Writing Services for IT professionals who want to work as ICT specialists in Australia. We will craft a thorough Recognition of Prior Learning report that showcases your ICT knowledge, skills, and experience. How to Write CDR Australia aims to ensure that your RPL report effectively showcases your ability to meet the Australian Computer Society (ACS) criteria for skilled migration.

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The Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is a crucial document required for the successful Skills Assessment by Engineers Australia. It serves the main purpose of demonstrating your skills and knowledge as an engineer, helping you get a skilled migration visa for Australia. To prepare this CDR Engineers Australia report, one should be well-informed, knowledgeable, and highly competent in following the requirements and guidelines of Engineers Australia.

The reason for which Engineers Australia demands a properly written CDR report is to evaluate the practical skills, problem-solving capabilities, experience, and language proficiency of an applying engineer who wants to migrate to Australia through a skilled migration program. Therefore, presenting accurate information about your abilities proving your engineering competence is highly required.

How Much Time is Required to Write a CDR Report for Engineers Australia?

The time required to craft a compelling CDR report for Engineers Australia varies depending on different conditions. While we cannot mention the exact number of days, it takes around 2-4 weeks for professional writers to completely prepare a CDR report. Factors such as Familiarity with the CDR guidelines, Professional Engineering Background and Project Complexity, Writing & Documentation Skills, Amount of research required, and review & revision.


Engineers who want to migrate to Australia are the ones who need to prepare a CDR Engineers Australia. Engineers Australia is the authority that conducts the skills assessments for assessing and evaluating the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) of engineers seeking registration in the country. It is crucial documentation required for skills assessments, for the successful qualification as one of EA’s four occupational categories. Those four occupational categories are:

  • Professional Engineers
  • Engineering Technologist
  • Engineering Associate
  • Engineering Manager

Engineers Australia is also known as The Institution of Engineers Australia, IEAust, or EA. As a non-profit organisation, Engineers Australia serves as Australia’s national platform for developing the engineering discipline. Additionally, it is a signatory to the Washington Accord, an international agreement.

Why Is CDR Needed?

The Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is the most important document required by Engineers Australia to assess the skills and qualifications of engineers aspiring to migrate to Australia. Its primary objective is to evaluate whether your level of expertise aligns with the competency standards mandated by the Australian Engineering Industry.

For this, an EA evaluator diligently assesses your technical abilities, experience, competency, and language proficiency. As a result, engineers from any country seeking to migrate to Australia must undergo the CDR Engineers Australia process.

Additionally, a positive CDR assessment is also essential in order to obtain a skilled migration visa, which can lead to Australian PR. By carefully preparing and submitting a compelling CDR, you significantly enhance your prospects of successful migration and potential career opportunities in the Australian engineering sector.

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The following documents should be included in the applicant’s CDR report for Engineers Australia:

Personal Information

While writing your personal information in your CDR Report Engineers Australia, you must include the following components:

  • Passport Size Photo
  • Any primary Identifying ID (mainly the Bio-data page of your passport)
  • In case of Married, Include your Marriage certificate (name change papers)
  • An Updated CV
  • English Language Proficiency Test Result from a Recognized Organisation

Application Information

The important thing to remember in the Application Information phase is to clearly mention which engineering career you want to follow and apply for. After that, proceed with the registration phase where you must provide documentation proof of any professional registration.

Academic Transcripts

Applicants must have all the academic transcripts, certificates, and so on to prove their educational qualifications. This also includes your engineering certificates, enrollment letter in case you have registered for an educational program, and transcripts.

Work Experience

Applicants must provide documents stating their work experience in the applied field alongside their CDR report. This includes a reference letter from the company where you’ve worked as an engineer.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

All the candidates should prepare a concise CPD to submit along with their CDR report. It is prepared in table format and include the following information:

  • Official post-graduate studies
  • Course, workshops, conference, seminar, discussion groups, technical meetings and symposia participation
  • Books, journals, manuals, engineering service (voluntary labour, board or committee volunteering, mentorship, and so on).

Three Career Episodes

The career episodes state your engineering proficiency, knowledge, project roles, and your real-life engineering achievements during your professional working duration. Candidates preparing CDR reports for Engineers Australia must prepare three career episodes of 3 project cases, each showing the time of their engineering practice.

The engineering projects can be from your:

  • Academics
  • Work experience
  • Internship
  • Workshop attended

Engineers Australia recommends you to write your career episode in the following format:

  • The introduction, which should be roughly 100 words long. It should include the project’s dates and duration, the place where it occurred, the name of the organisation, and your role within it.
  • The Background portion takes 200-500 words. It is the section in which you discuss the context of what you were working on.
  • In the Personal Engineering Activity section, you have to describe the actual work you did as an Engineer in about 500 to 1000 words, mentioning all the difficulties you encountered and how you overcame them.
  • Finally, compose a summary for your Career Episode that emphasises all the engineering-related skills you displayed in that narrative.

Summary Statement

Applicants should include Summary Statement based on their three career episodes. It is a document that only shows the essential part of your career episodes highlighting your engineering competency elements such as:

  • PE1 Knowledge and skill set
  • Engineering Application Proficiency at PE2 level
  • Personal and Professional nature of applicant at PE3 level

Format the summary statement in a tabular manner, as described by Engineers Australia, and include a list of all competency units and elements. When drafting the Summary Statement, take care to include all relevant skills and expertise and link them to the respective paragraphs in the Career Episodes.

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Why You Should TRUST How to Write CDR Australia To Write CDR Reports for EA

How to Write CDR Australia consistently ranked at the top as one of the most trusted and reliable CDR writing services for Engineers Australia. We have acquired the trust of hundreds of successful Engineers who have achieved positive outcomes in their Engineers Australia assessments and have subsequently moved to Australia.

With the motivation to provide the highest quality CDR reports, we are a team of the most skilled and experienced writers who specialise in crafting compelling CDRs for Engineers Australia. We deliver what we promise and stand above professionalism, expertise, and quality of service that echoes our name in the CDR Engineers Australia market.

How WE Write a Compelling CDR Report for Engineers Australia Skills Assessment

We craft your CDR reports with proper planning and attention to detail. Our team of professionals excels in in-depth expertise and knowledge, language proficiency, and high-quality CDR writing expertise to deliver high-quality CDR writing services for Engineers Australia. If you are an engineer and want a pathway to engineering in Australia, let our CDR report writer craft your reports for Skills Assessment Professionally.

Now, let’s learn how we write a compelling CDR Report for Engineers Australia:

1. Following EA Guidelines

We follow all the guidelines outlined by Engineers Australia, keeping only the details asked by EA (Engineers Australia). For instance, we focus on your individual contributions within the project, rather than encompassing the entire group’s efforts.

Additionally, we maintain consistency by using Australian English throughout the report, providing a seamless and professional tone. Moreover, when crafting the Career Episode, we select only the relevant category and ensure that it is written from a first-person perspective, effectively highlighting your personal experiences and achievements.

2. A Suitable Introduction

Writing a perfect CDR report needs a lot of attention and dedication. The first thing we consider is including a suitable introduction, around 100 words approx. Moreover, we make sure the introduction part covers the following information:

  • Name of the Organization
  • Dates & total duration of career episodes
  • Chronology
  • Location of the organisation where the job experience was gained
  • Title of the position of your job

3. A Detailed Background

We highlight the detailed background of your engineering history, such as where you have studied or where you gained your working expertise. We do not exceed your background information from more than 200 to 500 words. Information we cover in the background are:

  • Nature of the overall project
  • Description of your particular work area
  • Main objectives of the project
  • Roles and responsibilities within the organisation
  • Explanation of your roles and contribution to the project

4. Personal Engineering Activity

Personal Engineering Activity (PEA) is the main part of your CDR’s Career Episode report. It is composed of a body of narrative and critical assessable components. In the PEA section, we describe your work as an engineer in not more than 1000 words (as per EA Guidelines). In this part of CDR writing, we emphasise your roles and contributions to the project. However, to make sure no part of Personal Engineering Activity is missing, we check:

  • How do you apply your expertise and knowledge?
  • How do you cooperate and communicate with other members of your team?
  • Which particular task was assigned to you, and how you completed them?
  • Any technical problems you encountered, and how did you resolve them?
  • Any creative design work

5. Including Technical Difficulties

The fifth important thing we consider when writing your CDR report is to include Technical Difficulties thoroughly. In your CDR’s Career Episode, we mention the specific project details you have taken and the technical challenges or issues (at least three) that arose during the project.

6. Details About the Project Management

Mentioning the details about your project management adds a significant advantage to your CDR report. It showcases your supervising skills on project goals, duration, and responsibilities you carried out until the completion. Overall, it is important to provide a complete picture of your project management skills and abilities.

7. Avoiding Plagiarism

There are various CDR samples available throughout the internet. But, we always write your CDR reports independently to avoid plagiarism. We use advanced plagiarism-checking software, “Turnitin”, used by Engineers Australia themselves, before submitting your CDR report to ensure that any parts requiring change are identified and addressed.

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Depending on the category, the cost will vary. Below is the table of fees from the official website of Engineering Australia updated as of October 2022.

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) Assessment Fees

MSA Fees 2022-2023 (AUD)Excl. GSTIncl. GST
Standard Competency Demonstration Report$825.00$907.5
Competency Demonstration Report + Overseas PhD Assessment$1200.0$1320.0
Competency Demonstration Report + Overseas PhD Assessment$1060.0$1166.0
Competency Demonstration Report + Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment + Overseas PhD Assessment$1435.0$1578.5

Australian Accredited Engineering Qualification Assessment Fees

MSA Fees 2022-2023 (AUD)Excl. GSTIncl. GST
Australian Engineering Qualification Assessment$275.00$302.50
Australian Engineering Qualification Assessment + Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment + Overseas PhD Assessment$650.00$715.00
Australian Engineering Qualification Assessment + Overseas PhD Assessment$510.00$561.00
Australian Engineering Qualification Assessment + Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment + Overseas PhD Assessment$885.00$973.50

International Accords Qualification Assessment Fees

MSA Fees 2022-2023 (AUD)Excl. GSTIncl. GST
Washington / Sydney / Dublin Accord Qualification Assessment$445.00$489.50
Washington / Sydney / Dublin Accord Qualification Assessment + Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment$820.00$902.00
Washington / Sydney / Dublin Accord Qualification Assessment + Overseas PhD Assessment$680.00$748.00
Washington / Sydney / Dublin Accord Qualification Assessment + Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment + Overseas Engineering PhD Assessment$1055.0$1160.5

Additional Assessment Services Fees

MSA Fees 2022-2023 (AUD)Excl. GSTIncl. GST
Fast-track Assessment Fee Additional to MSA Assessment Fee)$315.00$346.50
Separate Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment$425.00$467.50
Separate Overseas Engineering PhD Assessment$285.00$313.50
Separate Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment + Overseas Engineering PhD Assessment$660.00$726.00

Administrative Fees

MSA Fees 2022-2023 (AUD)Excl. GSTIncl. GST
Review Fee$295.90$324.50
Appeal Fee$560.00$616.00
Standard Administration Fee$110.00$121.00

Still confused about the fee Structure of Engineers Australia, Clear your queries with our Experts

5 Ways How to Write CDR Works

1. Free Consultation

How to Write CDR offers a free 30-min consultation service to help you understand how CDR report writers can assist you in writing a compelling CDR report. During the consultation, we will discuss your engineering qualifications & background, any specific requirements, and provide detailed guidance on what can be done to write a high-quality CDR report. Our top engineering professionals will answer your questions and provide insights into the step-by-step process and timelines. Contact Us at How To Write CDR today to schedule your free consultation and take the first step toward a successful CDR report.

2. Partial Payment

This procedure comes after you choose our CDR Report Writing Service. You must now make a minimal partial payment confirming and securing your order. Confirming a partial payment gives our writers the surety & motivation to begin working on your CDR report. We have flexible payment options that suit your budget.

3. CDR Report Writing

How to Write CDR specialises in creating high-quality customised CDR Engineers Australia reports that adhere directly to your engineering requirements of your ANZSCO Code and Engineers Australia guidelines. We present your engineering skills clearly and excitingly, ensuring your CDR report stands out. Having a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the CDR writing field, you can rely on our CDR report writer to craft a CDR report that highlights your abilities effectively.

3. Send Draft Copy

After we finish writing your CDR report, we will send you a draft copy for any required correction and verification purposes. We welcome your suggestions and consider any changes or modifications you recommend in your report. As important as it is, the feedback is crucial to ensure that no additional changes are required from your side and that all the information about your engineering profession accurately represents your skills and experiences.

4. On-Time Delivery

We will further modify your report upon receiving your valuable feedback or request for any changes. After making the necessary revision, the CDR report writer will provide you with the final draft in the allocated time, ready for submission to Engineers Australia. You can rely on our efficient and professional CDR report writers to make your CDR report ready when you need it.


We understand how difficult it might be to prepare a CDR report yourself. After all, writing a CDR report requires in-depth knowledge of the guidelines and requirements set by Engineers Australia. You should be highly aware of your competencies and present them effectively along with formal language, formatting & risk of rejection if something goes wrong. So, why take this risk when How to Write CDR Australia is here for your assistance?

We are the most trusted online platform among engineers for the best CDR writing services for engineers Australia, trusted by hundreds of satisfied clients. Our services cover every needful CDR assistance, including complete CDR report preparation, Career Episode Writing, Summary Statements, CPD writing, and CDR report reviewing. However, we are not only limited to CDR. We also provide RPL Report Writing and KA02 report writing services with the same level of expertise. We ensure expertise, customization, compliance with proper guidelines, plagiarised free content, timely delivery, and 24-hrs customer support. How to Write CDR takes pride in delivering an authentic report that meets the requirements and secures 99% approval chances from Engineers Australia, Australian Computer Society and Engineering New Zealand.

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An outstanding support over the entire course of the writing and application process. How To Write CDR were always responsive and took their job seriously bringing the CDR to it’s perfect shape and as a result, positive outcome.

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I would like to thank Dixita Sharma for her outstanding performance and the wonderful service while I am processing for my skill assessment. The team were very professional in handling documents and informing details process. I would highly recommend Dixita Sharma from her team. Thank you for your awesome job. Contact to Dixita at +61 480 005 454
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To prepare a perfect CDR report, you must:

  • Be familiar with the Engineers Australia Handbook and guidelines, 
  • Choose three Career Episodes that appropriately reflects your engineering domain
  • Have an Updated CV
  • Prepare a Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
  • Follow the proper CDR structure
  • Write Summary statements based on career episodes
  • Proofread, and use plagiarism-checking tools

To write a successful CDR report, you must include the accurate work duration, job description and duties, team members, and your involvement in the problem-solving time. However, other things that you need to consider to write a successful CDR are:

  • Understanding the EA’s Guideline
  • Keep it Clear & Concise
  • Evidence of Your Competencies
  • Use the STAR approach: Situation, Task, Action, and Result
  • Include a Concise Summary Statement
  • Proofread

The competency demonstration report (CDR) pathway allows overseas engineers to migrate to Australia through the Skilled Migration program. The CDR for Engineers Australia is a technical document that includes information about the engineer’s competency level.

It is a document that is required to check if your skills meet the standard that the authorities set to work in relevant occupation. Engineers Australia will try to recruit a candidate from overseas for the job. They are always looking for a talented person for the position. The Engineers of Australia find a candidate who is skilled in their engineering discipline.

Plagiarism, not following EA guidelines, using other languages are some of the reasons for cdr rejection. If rejected, you will not be able to process for 12 months. There is the option to appeal for an informal evaluation of your application.

The outcome you would want is a positive outcome, in other words your CDR getting accepted. You can then receive 15 PR points. The other outcome is getting a negative outcome. Report rejection can lead to you getting banned from submitting another CDR. Depending on the banned report rejection, the penalty can last from 12 to 36 months.

You are allowed to apply for various jobs in Australia. You can also receive 15 PR points and offshore education accreditation in Australia.

If you receive a Request for Further Information, you will have one month to resolve the deficiencies. After one month, the request will expire and your application will be returned to the assessor, which means no additional documents can be provided. Documents have been required in some situations within a week. As a result, deadlines for papers may differ. If you do not provide the needed information within the stipulated time range, your application may be marked as unsuccessful.

No! You cannot. Your CDR for engineers Australia must be unique and plagiarism free. If plagiarism is found on your report then you can be banned for 12 to 36 months.


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