June 14, 2023

Australia is widely recognized as a favorable destination for engineers due to the high demand for engineering jobs across various industries. These industries include telecommunications, construction, mining, information technology, and pharmaceuticals, among others. As an engineering student, one can earn five permanent residency points after graduation and take advantage of the 44-week Professional Year Engineering Program to gain a better understanding of the Australian workforce, including internships and training opportunities. However, many people wonder about the earning potential for engineers in Australia but the salaries vary depending on the engineering field and job. You can Contact Us for some more free counseling.

Top 10 sought-after engineering fields in Australia for 2023

1. Software Engineer ( Scope,Salary, demand, degree)

To work as a software engineer in Australia you must have a degree or equivalent qualification in computer science, software engineering or information technology. The degree requirements vary depending upon the employee job.

Some employees may require bachelor degrees or higher certifications and training in certain areas such as specific programming languages or software tools. Australia is highly demanding Software Engineer in various sectors such as finance, healthcare and government offices to develop and maintain software applications and systems. Migrating to Australia as an ICT professional can be a great opportunity to advance your career and enjoy a high quality of life. The salary for a software engineer depends on the experiences of the candidate on software development.

Salary:- Approx. AUD$ 57000 to AUD$ 112000

2. Civil Engineer

If you wish to work as a Civil engineer in Australia, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering that is accredited by Engineers Australia. In addition, you may have to fulfill other prerequisites such as completing supervised work experience and passing a competency assessment.

Civil engineering is a highly demanding job in Australia due to increasing investment in infrastructure and construction projects such as roads, bridges and buildings. They can anticipate a satisfactory income and possibilities for professional growth in both public and private organizations.

Salary:- Approx. AUD$100,000 to AUD$120,000

3. Mechanical Engineer

The future of mechanical engineering in Australia looks bright and expanding in areas such as Manufacturing, Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Mining, and more. Mechanical Engineer involves in creating and structuring various large frameworks. This includes designing and producing everything from tiny components and devices to complex system engineering.

A bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering is typically required to work as a mechanical engineer in Australia. Some employees require a Master’s degree or other additional qualifications. Specific education and professional requirements may vary depending on the employer and nature of the job.

Salary: Approx. AUD$ 55,000 to AUD$ 110,000

4. Electrical Engineer

With the increasing demand for energy efficiency, sustainability and technological advancements the future of electrical engineering in Australia is promising with exciting opportunities in the renewable energy sector, emerging technologies, and infrastructure development.

An individual needs a recognized Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, which typically takes four years to complete, to become an electrical engineer. The degree should be accredited by Engineers Australia to qualify for professional recognition and membership. Furthermore, Postgraduate programs such as Master’s and Phd. degrees in Electrical Engineering are available at some universities in Australia, which can enhance your skills and offer more career prospects.

Salary: Approx. AUD$75,000 to AUD$152,580

5. Chemical Engineer

To work as a chemical engineer one should complete Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Program at university, Which typically takes four years to complete. Some employees may also require additional qualifications for experience in the field.

The future of chemical engineering in Australia is positive and effective and it is expected that the demand would grow over the next decade due to increasing population, technological advancements and the need for sustainable energy and materials.

Salary. Approx. AUD$ 57,000 TO AUD$ 117,000

6. Environment Engineer

A Bachelor degree in environmental engineering or a related field such as civil engineer, chemical engineer or general engineer is required to become an environmental engineer. Some positions may require a master’s degree or higher. However, specific education requirements can vary depending on the employer and the job duties.

Due to increasing importance on sustainable development and reducing its environmental impact, demand for environmental engineers is expected to grow as industries and organizations seek to reduce their carbon footprint and comply with environmental regulations. The environmental engineer will have an opportunity to get a job in sectors such as renewable energy and climate change.

Salary: Approx. AUD$ 62,000 to AUD$ 111,000

7. Biomedical Engineer

The demand for biomedical engineers is expected to grow due to the aging population, advancements in medical technology and increasing investment in healthcare. The government of Australia provides job employment opportunities for biomedical engineer in a variety of fields such as medical imaging, medical device design and development, rehabilitation engineering and also has invested in research and development.

A Bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering or related field is typically required to work as a biomedical engineer. Some employers require a master’s degree or PHD for certain positions.

Salary: Approx. AUD$ 51,000 to AUD$ 91,000

8. Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers research and develop strategies to extract oil and gas from the earth crust. Their work involves developing techniques and plans for exploration, production, and processing of oil and gas resources. Petroleum Engineering future is a relevant field in Australia, and there are many opportunities for those with the right skills and experience. The government of Australia provides job opportunities in various sectors such as transportation and petrochemical factories.

A bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering or a related field is typically required to become a Petroleum Engineer. Some universities of Australia offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Petroleum Engineering. So proper CDR is needed for each and every step of the migration process. If you are confused, CDR for Engineers Australia is here to cover your back.

Salary: Approx. AUD$ 66,000 to $194,000

9. Transport Engineer

An individual must complete a Bachelor’s degree in Civil engineering or a related field with a major or specification in transportation is required to work as Transport Engineer. Some jobs require undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Civil Engineering with a focus on transportation. Moreover, they also need relevant work experience and professional certifications.

The future of Transport Engineering is highly demanding due to countries’ increasing transportation infrastructure and need for sustainable solutions. This refers to creating more job opportunities for Transport Engineers in areas such as road and highway design, public transportation planning, and traffic management.

Salary: Approx. AUD$ 60,000 to $141,000

10. Aeronautical Engineer

To become an Aeronautical Engineer an individual must complete a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace or Aeronautical Engineering. For professional Aeronautical Engineering one should have undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Aerospace or Aeronautical Engineering and also need relevant work experience and professional certifications.

Due to the country’s growing aviation industry and increasing demand for innovative and sustainable aerospace technology, the future of Aeronautical Engineering is inclining sharply day by day. Aeronautical Engineers have job employment opportunities in sectors such as spacecraft and satellite design .

Salary: Approx. AUD$ 52,000 to AUD$123,000


The jobs for engineers in Australia are expected to continue to be in demand for a significant period. This means that those who pursue careers in these areas can expect good job prospects and high earning potential which prove to be perfect Reasons to Move to Australia. Despite the potential for change, the basic demand for engineering expertise is likely to remain steady.

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